Starting a Vacation Rental (Airbnb)!

We have been living in Minato-ku Shiba, Take for 8 years, Aco for 6 years, and Ko-chan for 2 years.
Ko-chan has gotten used to his nursery school, and our business is stable, our life is stable and comfortable….


Always walking the same path…
Always talking with the same people…
Always spending my morning the same way…
That’s alright but…

Ko-chan recently,

He enjoys talking with people more, and is always singing the “ABC songs”,
He longs for his English lesson every Monday.
In that case…!!


I want Ko-chan to enjoy a “different cultural experience”!!

When I think of it


I heard of examples of having an Airbnb business for educational purposes through Rutty, sharing information via the “Airlog” blog while running a vacation rental, and this gave me motivation,
We found some candidates’ properties.

let’s make our home “Koreshiba House” a guest house!! (we will live in another place)


I will resume “Koreshiba English” that I haven’t touched for a while, and I’ll keep on advertising this plan!


What kind of people might come??

Ko-chan, you can connect even more with your beloved English, yes, we can start a kind of domestic international studies!!

*** Our Airbnb house! Please come in! *** 

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