Raising children in the third place!!



Hello!! Nice to talk to you!!

aco komaru

What!! Ko-chan!! You are approaching sooooo close… … Patting my face softly, please. Although his shy phase is now over… … Perhaps, Ko-chan’ sociability was beginning to grow in the third place… …

In general, “The third place” is “The No.3 place” which means not at home nor at work. For Ko-chan and I, “The third place” would be NPO activities and the neighbouring community center. I want to explain what kind of place… …


(Ko-chan about 5-months, GOKINJO INNOVATION LAB SHIMBASHI in Shinbashi, Tokyo)


An open space without inner ring or exclusive atmosphere

No restriction for children or for mothers … … a community for anybody. That’s why we can talk freely about raising-children with more experienced mothers, or other topics too.

A communication place with a little distance for privacy.

We don’t need to know a person’s background, we can enjoy free and comfortable conversation. Its very hard to talk if there is a power structure, master and man, or relationship with someone etc… The expectation is to have a relationship with a good private distance “Excellent!” and Aco can also relax!

A space to attract new visitors

Because of the atmosphere and activities for both regulars and new comers, everyone can relax and talk freely, and various people come and go. Grandmas, students, men and women talk to Ko-chan!

aco smile

A neutral place to watch over the growth of Ko-chan and Aco, we really need it!

*** Our Airbnb house! Please come in! *** 


赤ちゃんの両親が使う「おっぱい」の2つの意味 ねぇ、ねぇ、タケちゃん。子どもができると、それまで使ってた言...


子育て中のパパに問う!今日はホワイトデーだったって知ってた?! 確定申告もひと段落〜。ひゃっほーい! ...


授乳48手、車検型に大正琴(たいしょうごと)に涅槃仏(ねはんぶつ)! こうちゃん、まもなく4か月。もう7kgだ...


イクメン税理士の道は1日にして成らず〜パパへの留守番のお願い〜 タケちゃん、来週日曜日の3〜4時間くらい、こう...


赤ちゃんのおちんちん〜ママのキモチ、パパのキモチ編〜 タケちゃんのお母さんが遊びにきてくれた日のこと…… ...


バッタリは偶然?必然!?子育て家族の行動範囲 港区芝二丁目で夫婦ふたりで暮らし始めて……、4年になろうとしています...


4回目の結婚式記念日 3年前の5月13日、タケとアコは、代官山「シェリュイ」のレストランで小さな結婚式をあげました...


パパとママ、赤ちゃんは両親のどっちに似てる? おいら、こうちゃん。 おいらがうまれてから あそびにき...


「コレ芝ファミリー」が【仲良し家族】であるために意識しているたった一つのこと ラーメン、つけ麺、僕イクメン!な...

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