To guests spending time at our home”koreshiba house”

We will publish Q & A with guests who have stayed so far in order to have a smooth stay at our house. By all means, please refer to this site.

Q:I want to buy food such as apple, milk, bread

A:We have a lot of shops near the house. Two Super market and two 24hour store within 2 minutes.When you leave home you have a shopping street on the right, you can eat and shop.


Q:Can I use the wi-fi?

A:Yes you can use wi-fi at the house.(not portable)


Q:I want to go to Shinjuku at night. Do you have any recommendations?

A:For foreign tourists, robot restaurants and cosplay shows are popular. Shinjuku is a city of subculture, so please enjoy the experience of extraordinary everyday life.Please let me know if you want to experience. Guides you.


Q:I would like to buy a yukata

A:You can buy yukata or kimono at Asakusa souvenir shop or Suzunoya in Ginza.


Q:Can I drink the tap water directly

A:You can drink directly. Japan’s water is safe.


Q:I’d like to see Kabuki, can you make a reservation

A:Yes, I can book without service charge. Please tell me the desired date and time. After check-in, we will give you a ticket..

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