“Kids’ Japanese Language Garden”, a word play class for infants in Minato Ward, Tokyo!

“Kids’ Japanese Language Garden” is an individual counseling service for families, a word play class for infants and young children

I will train children to listen and speak Japanese and prepare studying and repeating habits at home. It is a workshop to enrich “vocabulary” which will become indispensable for children surviving AI society.

Course information

There are school courses, home visit courses, foreign courses for 1 to 3 year olds.

1) Basic courses: in the space of Minato-ku, Tokyo.

2) Home visit course

3) Foreigner Course: Experience Japanese in a child whose foreign language is your native language.

Curriculum example (1 hour)

I will observe the state of children and how to play, use vocabulary toys to improve vocabulary skill. In addition, we propose a way to work inside the family.

15 minutes Self introduction, observe how children are playing

30 minutes I enjoy three types of playing game, such as Anpanman and car. By repeating greetings, names of things, circumstances in question form, I will remember Japanese as “serif”. If your mother tongue is a foreign language, I will play while using English and Japanese together.

I will tell you about feedback to my dad and mom and how to enjoy at home.

5 minutes Learn greetings and names of things while cleaning and shoving together.



3,000 yen per hour (tax included. When visiting, we will charge a transportation fee).

(※ It will be the campaign price until March 2018)


Hi This is Aco(Atsuko Hiromasu). I am a Japanese teacher for kids.

My son is three years old. Even now I have a lot of troubles, but the role of “mother” has a trouble by all means. When my son is one years old, I was “puzzled” . Especially about one year after entering the nursery school, my son’s word acquisition hardly progressed,he could not get along well with my friends. I was tired, I kept consulting with the nursery school.

That’s why I had a blog happening everyday, so I read my son’s records and observe the state of my child …. Anyway my son is a car And I like music. My son suddenly smiled as I talked about the car, and the vocabulary increased steadily. And with this car as a clue, I talked with my husband whether I could make a good environment for my son. I read books and papers for education and went on.

And there seems to be two solutions! I realized.

One thing is to enjoy things thoroughly.

Another thing is to “parents enjoy together.”

So, as a first step, I learned a 4 – character idiom by attaching a tagline to the car.

Pre-school education 1000 words acquisition skills using full IT 2.0 / infant (2 years old) “pre-school education 2.0 / 2 year old children are filled with 1000 words …

Then he was able to memorize 800 words in 4 months.

ITフル活用の就学前教育2.0/幼児(2歳児)1000語の詰め込み術 「就学前教育2.0/2歳児1000語の詰め込み術...

To this, the 2-year-old son learned a passage of rakugo… …” and singing English songs. He could say “My funny” “I feel relieved” . At the same time, never cried out at all.

*There are a lot of things I know.
*You can tell your feelings and circumstances.
Above things make us peace of mind. To do this, we still need a vocabulary. For infants with “time” and “good absorption rate”, I feel it is important to build an environment to learn languages at home.
I am an inexperienced mother and I am three years old mother. While studying know-how, I would like to make a good learning environment for children.


Please apply from this form. We will reply within 1 or 2 days.

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